TURBOSMART  25 mm Plumb back BOV

Turbosmart has manufactured the Blow-off Valve (BOV) Range with a focus on performance and reliability. Blow-off valves (also known as diverter valves, recirc valves, DV’s etc.) are proudly Australian made. In addition, Turbosmart Blow-off Valves are built and machined from rugged, durable billet aluminium. With a complete range of solutions. Also, Turbosmart offers OE Replacement and heavy-duty upgrades through all performance and street applications, race and, of course, motorsport use

The Turbosmart 25 mm plumb back Kompact Range are upgraded valves that suit road cars for standard, high performance and tuned use. The Turbosmart Kompact blow-off valve range relies on Turbosmart’s proven positive seal piston. The boost-balance system for years of reliability and trouble-free motoring.

For high horsepower and no compromise. With solutions based on both positive seal piston and diaphragm style valves. Most of all, there are solutions for every application! In short, the Turbosmart kompact Blow-off Valve’s Range is the best on the market.

The Turbosmart 25 mm plumb back BOV is a direct replacement for the BA, BF, FG & FGX turbo Falcons, it comes as a plumb back configuration. This BOV will fit up exactly as per your original BOV was plumbed.

Installation should only take you a few minutes to experience this fantastic product. 00012747

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