Timing Chain Tensioners block 5.4lt Boss

If you are looking for a set of Genuine Ford timing chain tensioners to suit the BA BF FG 5.4 lt 4V 260, 290, 302, 315 then this is for you.

This kit is a set 1 x left and 1 x right timing chain tensioners.

They are located on the engine block up against the timing chain guides.

When the 5.4 lt 32 valve engine was introduced into Australia the engine came with plastic tensioners that soon failed.

So to explain what happens when the tensioners fails.

If the car is left over night and started cold in the morning the engine will get a sever rattle noise coming for the front of the engine.  That will clear up and go away after anywhere from a couple to 30 seconds.

Usually the noise will only be their in the morning but occasionally it can be their on all starting occasions.

This tensioner is the revised version that Ford released to over come the issue.

The new tensioner is steel  not plastic like the early ones were , they also have a ratchet on the side so they can not retract and causse the same problems as the original ones did.

Now the problem with Timing Chain Tensioners

So here comes the problem for you, our timing chain tensioners are Genuine Ford and will work perfectly.

Most of the tensioners out their on the market are copy’s , Cheap Chinese knock offs.

When I say cheap , they look ok, they fit ok, but the big catch is they fail.

They quickly sound like the original plastic versions. So How do I know this ?

well you see I have personally tried all the copy’s, what did I find? well rubbish.

The materials are very low in quality and what seems to happen is the ratchet on the side of the tensioner fails leaving the piston to travel back and forward when oil pressure is low.

ultimately it works out an expensive mistake not to purchase the original Ford timing chain tensioner.

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