Timing Chain long 5.4 lt Boss Pr

The long timing chains fitted to the Ford 5.4 lt boss were exceptionally good right from the factory. Because of this we recommend using factory Ford chains only.

The only issues we ever saw from factory chains failures, was a result lubrication issues.

Typically if the car was low on oil pressure or had a set of oil pump gears fail, the cameshaftes would seize in the cylinder head and then brake the chains.

The seizing of the camshafts and braking of the chains would lead to total engine failure.

Its something to think about when your building your engine.

The chains we have here are genuine Ford and come in a pair.

I have personally used the factory chains to 600 RWKWs along with extensive production car racing without failure ever.

When upgrading your timing chain long its always a good idea to install a new set of timing chain guides & billet oil pump gears to ensure engine longevity. links below

Key Features:

  • Oem Factory Ford Quality
  • Superior Strength
  • Quite running
  • Reliability
  • economical

Timing Chain long 5.4 lt , You will receive a pr ( 2x chains long )


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