This kit of 4 x timing chain guides consists of 2 x fixed and 2 x adjustable located in the block of all 5.4 lt 4 valve engines. The guides typically have good service life and are quite in their operation. The guides we keep instock are genuine Ford items. The fixed guides are made from cast aluminium with nylon wear pads . The movable guides are nylon and sit up against the block tensioners.

Typically if you have the dreaded timing chain noise it is caused by old style plastic tensioners, all early 260 290 2003 – 2004 engines were noisy after a short time of driving from new, Ford were replacing them under warranty to any one that complained although this was a long time ago now and not all cars were fixed. this is something that needs to be fixed as I have seen engines so bad  the chains have cut through the guides and into the cylinder head causing massive damage. It is always best to replace the guides as well as the tensioners.

I have added a link below to the timing chain tensioners if needed, they are also original factory items  00015256


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