Process West stage 2 intercooler core

This intercooler core is to suit a FG FGX Falcon XR6 Turbo , G6E and F6.

The Process West Stage 2 Front Mount Intercooler Core for the Ford FG FGX Falcon consists of a 420 x 410 x 90mm bar & plate core.

This allows for smooth flow and effective cooling of the charge air entering the engine.

The intercooler core is available in both black powder coated or silver finish.

This intercooler core is capable of huge power and is one of the best things you can update to your car.

We have sold and used the process west products since the company’s inception in 2003.

If  you are looking for an intercooler you can not do better than the process west stage 2 intercooler core that can make 600 rwkws with ease

Below are links to the Intune Motorsport intercooler piping kit along with the replacement throttle body elbow kit.

key features:

  • Huge size intercooler core 420 x 410 x 90 mm
  • Bar and plate construction.
  • Available raw or powder coated finish
  • Best thermal transfer rate of any intercooler on the market size for size
  • capable of huge power levels.
  • looks great.

We offer a full range of Process West products and are available for delivery.

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