Oil Filter AFL 101 Original Ford

Oil Filter AFL 101, Ok so people often ask what type of oil filter should I run on my car.

In a short description you should always run  genuine Ford oil filters if your application allows.

Ford spend a lot of time and money making sure your engine will go a long period of time with out failure.

As an example when you purchase a new car from Ford you can option up to 200000 kms warranty.

Now to offer that Ford has to have great faith things like the oil filter are up to scratch.

Now the question to ask your self what type of assurety do I get purchasing an aftermarket oil filter. the truth is very little.

Experience over the years has shown if we ran factory Ford oil filters and good engine oil we were not having issues associated with lubrication.

In the workshop we built many 600 RWKW car`s that had good engine life past 10 years with out lubrication issues.

Although the engine oil pump is another story. 00000715

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The Oil Filter AFL 101 is equivalent to the Ryco Z 516

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