Oil Feed line to Turbocharger

The turbocharger oil feed line on a XR6 turbo, G6E, F6 ( Barra ) is renowned for blocking up and failing the turbocharger. This will cause a very disappointing experience and have high cost of repair.

Ford originally fitted a very fine filter underneath the intake manifold that when blocked will lead to total turbocharger failure. This filter is in a difficult to reach position under the intake manifold. The filter installed by Ford should have been installed in a way that it could have been accessed when servicing the car but in Fords wisdom they elected not to do this.

This oil line kit contains the parts required to replace the STD oil line and filter to the turbocharger. The kit comes with a cleanable filter, braided hoses, fittings and washers along with silicon shielding for the hot end of the oil line.

The kit is easy to install with installation time 1.0 hr depending on experience .

This kit is a must for any XR6 turbo G6E or F6.

The barra turbo oil feed line kit we manufacture is based on the specs provided by Garret and is available on their web site click here

We have manufactured and sold Oil Feed Line kits to suit BA BF and FG FGX Falcons for over 15 years



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