Nylon Fuel line 8mm

Nylon Fuel line 8mm x 270 mm long. The submersible fuel lines located inside your fuel tank have long been a issue after an upgraded fuel pump has been installed.

Failures were caused by installation issues although the submersible fuel lines were not the best and in its self were poor in quality.

The nylon fuel line we provide is suitable for all known fuels and is E85 safe.

The hose length is 270 mm ,

After many years of installing the intake fuel lines it was always difficult to install the sedan hoses.

They were quite short and kinking was common.

The last couple of years we have been installing the 270 mm length hose in utes and sedan`s although at face value the hose seems to long for the sedan, we have been putting a loop in the nylon hose this makes the install much easer and eliminates kinking.


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