H-beam connecting rods by Manley

Manley 5.4 lt Boss H-beam connecting rods are made from forged 4340 steel alloy. They’re packed full of performance features, such as a compact uniform-grain structure for ultimate strength, full machining, stress relieving shot peened and 100% individually magnafluxed. The wrist pin and big end bores are honed to a +/-.0002 in. tolerance and the wrist pins get a bronze alloy bushing. They include cap screw ARP 2000 rod bolts and each rod set is weight-matched to within 1.5 grams.

  • 4340 steel
  • H beam design
  • Shot peened
  • Magnafluxed
  • Bronze alloy bushing
  • ARP 2000 bolts 3/8
  • Weight matched to with in 1.5 grams

The Manley 5.4 lt Boss forged conrod is an excellent product that is highly recommended. At times supply of this product may take upto 10 days. 000163965

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