Manley Forged Alloy Pistons 5.4 lt

Suit BA to FG 260, 290, 302 and 315 engines

Manley pistons are machined of high strength 2618 material. Each design is lightweight yet robust enough to deliver long service life. Perfect ring groove to skirt squareness is achieved through our unique “one fixturing” manufacturing method that assures maximum horsepower. Round wire locks, tool steel wrist pins and pressure balance grooves are included with every set at no additional charge. Premium Chrome Moly wrist pins are included with the Standard Series and 9310 Alloy wrist pins are included with the Extreme Duty Series.

Manley Forged Alloy Pistons are my choice when building a 5.4 lt engine. The pistons are available in std, 20 & 30 th over sizes. The piston is available in flat top or with a 11 mm dish. Rings sold separately. The flat top piston is typically used in a NA application with the 11 mm dish being used in supercharger and turbocharged application.

Sound, Forged piston’s typically make sound internally of the engine, The Manley Platinum Series lightweight pistons are much quieter than others on the market, giving a much better driving experience. At times supply of this product may take upto 10 days.

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