Intercooler 5.0 lt FG FGX

Herrod Performance have released our NEW & REVISED F1 inspired intercooler kit for the FG-FGX 5.0 Miami supercharged engine.

In conjunction with PWR Performance products, Herrod Performance have been able to supply the most complete and efficient state of the art intercooler kit available for the FG-FGX 5.0 engine in Australian

Utilizing the new bar & plate configuration material in construction of the heat exchanger unit & a tube & fin construction for the front mount radiator, this intercooler kit has been able to produce lower air intake temps at higher boost pressures than other products in the market place.

This kit also provides a Bosch Motorsport hi flow water pump, along with OE standard moulded rubber hoses and OE style clamps & water fittings along with Herrod specific coolant.

The coolant reservoir for the intercooler kit is a non-swirl style unit, to reduce water cavitation and improve water flow.

In testing we have been able to maintain air intake temperatures at 40 Degrees Celsius with boost pressures of approx 11-12 psi. 000460011


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