The Next Step In Filtration

The Injector Dynamics ID F750 is the first performance filter designed to meet strict OE filter requirements. Namely Bosch`s specifications for electronic fuel injectors. It is the result of substantial research invested in improving the service life of our injectors.

Filter Efficiency

Electronic Fuel injectors are built to precise dimension, Measured in microns. The smallest of particles can increase wear or even destroy a fuel injector. Bosch provides a specification for protection of electronic fuel injectors. Which is a minimum capture efficiency of 87% at 5 microns and 100% of all particles 35 micron and larger. The filter element in the ID F750 meets that specifications and dose so with out undue flow restriction.

Flow Restriction v Contaminant Load

The ID F750 is designed to hold a high level of contaminant while maintaining low restriction to flow. This is accomplished with a highly efficient filter element designed with low pressure drop in mind. At a flow rate of 750 lts per hour the ID F750 will hold five grams of contaminant, the equivalent of approximately one teaspoon before requiring replacement. Higher flow rates are possible but will require more frequent filter changes depending on the cleanliness of your fuel system.

Delta P Indicator

Delta P is short for delta Pressure, which is the difference in pressure between two points. In this case, those two points are the inlet and outlet of the filter. The Delta P indicator gives a visual indication of the condition of the serviceable filter element. So that it can be replaced before it becomes a problem

Spin on Housing with safety Latch

The spin on filter housing features a safety latch to ensure that the housing can not spin off. should it loosen. It is easily released with one finger and emits an audible click during assembly.

Pressure Relief and Drain

The Injector Dynamics ID F750 includes a standard Schrader valve and an o-ring sealed spin on barb which actuates the needle. This Valve can be used for pressure monitoring, draining the system or relieving pressure for filter changes

Modular Mounting Bracket

The modular design allows for numerous mounting options from the std 90 degree, straight and reverse 90 degree .

Optional Pressure and temperature Sensor Block

The plug and play pressure and temperature sensor features a Bosch Motorsport 10 bar (145 psi ) pressure sensor with integral -40 to 140C temperature sensor, it installs with two screws and adds 30 mm to the overall width. Due to its compact size, it can be added to most systems with out need for re-plumbing.  00034484/00060584/000052865


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