Ignition Coils XR6 T FG FGX

This kit of Factory Ford ignition coils for a FG XR6 turbo / F6 and non turbo ( Barra ) come as a set of six.

The XR6 turbo engine has been plagued with ignition issues since it inception. Ignition coil issues can show in various ways. The BA BF manual and BA auto cars would suffer from what seems to be a revlimiter coming on at 3-3500 rpm , it was never a rev limiter. The ignition coils were shorting out under full load.

The BF XR6 Turbo 6 speed auto was a strange beast when it came to ignition coil problems, when going wide open throttle (WOT) the car would drop out operation of the instrument cluster.

last the FG FGX was probably the worst of the lot when it comes to coil issues, when driving the car the transmission would drop into neutral then a second or two later slam back into gear, it is real nasty when it happens. You would be surprised how many people think they need a new transmission, only to find after its installed they still have the same issue.

So what’s the answer, always replace ignition coils in a full set, never use an aftermarket ignition coils as most are rubbish on this engine and use factory Ford only.

Electrical items including ignition coils are not returnable. 000018104

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