Head Gasket XR6 turbo barra BA to FGX

This factory Ford head gasket is a genuine item and we have seen std gaskets make 600 rwkws with out failing. It will fit all BA to FGX XR6 turbo and F6 ( Barra ) engines.

When Installing the original  new factory Ford gasket,  the original head bolts are what is called Torque to yield and are single use only.

This factory Ford bolt is installed in a stretched orientation and will never hold the same pressure as it once did when fitted by Ford.

Intune Motorsport manufacture head studs be used in this application.

Our stud kit will give an increased clamping load ot 7000 kgs on the cylinder head to engine block surface, thats a huge 170 percent gain over the factory Ford  toque to yield bolts. it is recommended to upgrade to head studs and never reuse the original factory bolts.

  • Made to OEM stringent specifications.
  • Works well with head studs upgrade.
  • Can hold upto 600 rwkws.
  • Economically priced.
  • Easy installation.
  • Try`d and proven original Ford Head gasket.


link to the intune Motorsport head stud kit Here

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