Head Gasket 5.4 L 4V Boss Cometic

The Boss head gasket in the 5.4 l 4V engine was never one to have significant issues leaking.

In our workshop we were always happy to run std head gaskets with up to 10 lb of boost.

Any engine that is going to run harder than 10 lb, the next step up would be the Cometic Head Gasket.

The original Ford gasket was .030 thick with the Cometic gasket having options of .030 .040 .051

Personally I have never seen a Cometic head gasket fail.

If you are having head gasket issues their are many issues to consider .

It is very important the head and block surfaces are level and square.

When doing a set of head gaskets on a 5.4 l Falcon its really important to have a smooth machined surface on the head and block ( not all machine shops are up to this task ) . On top of that, factory head bolts are single use only, so stepping up to head studs is also a step forward.

Then we have the issue of installation process , its important to follow and process`s  that may be dictated by the head Gasket manufacture or head stud manufacture.

Having a good quality tension wrench is a must in getting the torque just right. I personally use a snap on electronic Torque wrench and find it is exceptional and a must in getting the job right.

This item is a pr , Left and right head gaskets are included.

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