Gaskets and Seals Boss 5.4

Gaskets and Seals Boss 5.4. This page allows purchase of septate gaskets & seals to suit the Boss 5.4 lt engine. The gaskets on this page will fit all 5.4 lt boss engine models from 2003 to 2010 , 260, 290, 302, 315 . If you are looking for complete gasket kits then go over to our complete gasket kit page HERE. All gaskets except the genuine Ford and Cometic head gaskets  are made specifically for Intune Motorsport using our 20 years experience with this engine.  The premium head gasket is good for a non supercharged engine , a mild (10 psi ) supercharged engine should use the Factory Ford head gasket or if your planing more than 10 psi then the Cometic head gaskets are the go.

Gasket thicknesses:

  • Premium head gaskets are 0.030
  • Original Ford head gaskets are 0.030
  • Cometic head gaskets are available in 0.030 , 0.040 . 0.051 options

Note : Gaskets and seals can very mostly in colour from batch to batch.(315 sump gasket no longer available , use 290 gasket in 315 engine)

If you have any questions just ask Here

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