Surge Tank FG FGX XR6T / F6

Our new  generation 3 fuel anti Surge Tank to suit FG FGX is the ultimate in fuel delivery for your turbocharged Falcon.

The new system sees the pump (or pumps) mounted internally to an externally mounted anti-surge vessel. The vessel is mounted to the chassis rail just like the original Process West anti-surge system… this is not an in-tank system.

One of the main objectives when designing the system was making sure the system was easily upgradable when the need for higher fuel flows is required. The “basic” system comes installed with 1 x Walbro 460LPH pump/wiring harness and is a simple plug and play option.

A second or third Walbro 460 can be easily added  to the system either at the time of purchase or later down the track when the demand for greater fuel supply is required. We have a package that allows the second pump or third  to be installed


Assembling a fuel delivery system to suit your requirements

The “basic” single Walbro 460 system will satisfy the fuel delivery requirements of 90% of applications. This single pump system will support 680 rear wheel kilowatts and is a simple plug and play system.

When a second pump is added to the system the flow is greatly increased and the factory fuel pressure regulator is unable to control fuel pressure. At this point we need to address fuel pressure control.

We have put together a package that allows the factory fuel rail to stay in place and add a Turbosmart FPR8 fuel pressure regulator to the system. This package comes with the reg , hoses and fittings along with an adaptor to remove the original fuel pressure reg. ( from surge tank to fuel rail )

If you using our aftermarket fuel rail then we have that covered as well, kit comes with fuel lines, fittings , regulator Turbosmart FPR800.


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