Fuel Pump Cartridge BA BF FG FGX

This fuel pump cartridge is a complete drop in item that will require no modification, it is a brand new cartridge with either Walbro 460 or 525 litre a hour fuel pump installed (not Chinese copy of a walbro pump like many others). If you are looking to make good power then this is a must. This pump cartridge has been dyno tested to 500 rwks.  It is available for sedan and ute, the ute comes with the fuel level sender and the sedan uses the original factory Ford sender. Using the 460 pump, the factory Ford fuel pressure regulator will work perfectly although if using the 525 pump it is recommended to upgrade to an aftermarket regulator. If you need to upgrade the regulator and have a std fuel rail, then using the FPR800 fuel pressure regulator by turbosmart along with the fuel pressure adaptor is desired. If your using an aftermarket fuel rail then using the Turbosmart FPR1200 is best.

  • Pre assembled and ready for installation
  • Fitted with Walbro 460 or 525 lt an hour fuel pump
  • Internal fuel pump supply line upgraded to 8 mm high pressure version
  • Additional high pressure line clamps
  • New pump cartridge
  • E85 compatible parts used
  • Tested after assembly

Note: The BA BF 2002 – 2007 use the 6 screw mounting of the cartridge to the fuel tank

Some very late 2007 BF vehicles came with FG fuel tanks and will need to have the FG ring lock cartridge style installed, you should work out what version you have prior to purchase.

All 2008 – 2016 FG FGX vehicles use the locking ring style cartridge.

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