The Ford Flash tuner is manufactured in the USA. The Ford flash tuner is a device that allow the transfer of data or tune file to and from your late model Ford. The revised tune files can make a massive difference in power and MPG. The X4 is the latest version of the flash tuner. At Intune Motorsport we use the advantage three software to make and load tunes into your flash tuner. The tunes loaded into you new X4 device were developed in house on our dyno. No other single product on the market is capable of giving you the gains archived by the X4 device, once connected to the vehicle the owner can also change a hole load of functions. The X4 flash tuner can read fault codes , you can data log engine and speed values as you drive, one of the great functions is the owner can change fuel, spark, rev, idle, boost and a hole heap of other values with out ever visiting a dyno shop. Note occasionally some cars will need additional tuning. Transmission tuning is available by selecting the drop down menu below at extra cost. Generic tunes not available for Mustang at this time.

Flash Tuners are delivered free if purchased from this web site or by calling the shop.

When ordering make sure you insert your car details.