ACL manufacture a range of bearings with the H prefix, the H series bearings are suitable for high horsepower applications were a good bearing is required. The ACL Race series bearing is designed for engines that are going to see high load and high RPM.

If you place demands on your engine… demand the best!

ACL has a proud & rich history in Motorsport – it is in our DNA. There is no better proving ground than the racetrack whatever it’s configuration. In the heat of competition proven technology always comes through.

The ACL RACE Series performance engine bearing range of today has a strong pedigree in motorsport & traces its roots back to the 1960’s with the manufacture of engine bearings for use in the world conquering Brabham Formula 1. Further experience in the Australian Supercars Championship & numerous other race codes has culminated in the current ACL RACE Series technology platform. The unique combination of design, metallurgy, engineering & precision quality control come together to deliver what engine builders expect from performance engine bearings

Whatever your application we have you covered – if you are looking for the best – demand the best.


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