Ultimate Mustang Fuel pump kit GT L2

The GT L2 Fuel system from Fore Innovations is the complete fuel system solution for your Mustang, The kit uses 2 x Walbro 460 lt hr pumps mounted in a billet alloy fuel pump module , this kit will support over 1200 rear wheel horsepower, The kit is designed for one pump to run at low engine power then as load is increased the second pump is trigger. It is E85 and race fuel compatible. The pump module comes with -10 feed line and -8 return line fittings, you also receive Billet fuel rails , A FC3 Staged controller with 4 gauge wiring, PTFE -10 & -8 fuel lines with fittings, a upgraded 128 mm fuel filter with additional billet mounting bracket, Honeywell pressure switch for FC3 controller along with body clamps and Fuel pressure reg. This is a complete kit, Fuel rails are designed to mount up to a std mustang manifold. 000281686

You will recive

Pump module with 2 x walbro 460 pumps mounted

fuel lines -10 feed -8 return with fittings and clamps

Billet 128 mm filter with billet mounting bracket

Billet fuel rails

Billet regulator

FC3 controler with wiring , cables and fuse holder.

will support over 1200 HP