Diff Ratio M86 3.7 3.9 and 4.11

M86 Diff Ratio, This crown wheel and pinion will suit a M86 diff that is fitted to all performance Falcons except the 6 cyl non turbo cars. This kit has a ratio of 4.11 3.9 or 3.7 to 1 and is perfect for performance driving , changing to a ratio like this will make your car pull harder off the line.

This ring and pinion set are manufactured to meet and exceed OEM specifications that is required for todays modern performance car. The design, tooling, steel selection, and heat-treat recipes are all controlled in the manufacturing process to produce cost-alternative ring and pinion set. This ring and pinion set offers exceptional value with better-than-OEM quality. Available in a wide variety of gear ratios for your late model Ford Falcon fitted with a M86 Differentials .

The M86 was fitted to the BA BF FG & FGX performance sedans and utes.


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