Diff Bushes BA Falcon.

Diff Bushes BA Falcon 2002 to 2005. Superpro have long been considered the industry leaders in bush technology. Falcons have always been vulnerable to diff bush damage when the cars are driven in a performance manner. Its common for Falcons to come into the workshop with flogged out std bushes leaving the diff center flapping around.

What comes in the Kit

The kit ( Diff Bushes BA Falcon ) is supply`d with 3 x bushes that being 2 x front and 1 x rear, along with bolt washers and install instructions, Superpro quote 4 hr installation time although if you are doing this job at home allow a little extra time to get the job done.

Over the years the Super pro diff bushes have developed into a exceptional product. I personally have used this kit in my GT,  The car made 510 rwkws for 5 years and over that time the super pro diff bushes showed no deterioration, The car was raced extensively and always put to the test. The Kit187 will fit BA XR8 XR6T F6 GT GTP Falcons. will not fit XT model cars.




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