Clevite Conrod bearings 5.4lt

Clevite manufacture a range of conrod bearings . The bearings are suitable for high horsepower applications where a good bearing is required. The Clevite Conrod bearing for the 5.4lt is designed for engines that are going to see high load and high RPM. This brand has always been our choice when building a high powered 5.4 lt engine.

Clevite® TriMetal™ engine bearings have been tested and given a 12,000 psi rating, the highest in the industry. They are more resistant to corrosion and out-perform traditional bearings by 20 percent or more. That makes Clevite’s TriMetal material the strongest currently available in the industry.

This exclusive bearing design features a steel backing for support, a cast-copper lead alloy center for strength and durability, nickel dam for chemical stability, and an electroplated white metal babbitt overlay for slipperiness, conformability and embeddability. The intermediate cast-copper lead layer creates and interlocked columnar structure capable of withstanding much heavier pulsating loads than any other bearing design.

If your thinking about building an NA or supercharged 5.4lt engine then selecting the Clevite high performance bearings is a must.


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