Camshaft to Sprocket Bolts 5.4 Boss

Camshaft to Sprocket 10 mm bolts to suit the Boss 5.4 lt engines from 2003 to 2010 Boss 260, 290, 302 and 315 variants. We have both genuine Ford and ARP bolts that are used to hold the timing gears onto the camshafts. The factory Ford bolts are torque to yield, meaning they are single use only and should never be re used. It is really important to replace these bolts and install them as per Fords original installation specs. I have seen several engines fail from broken cam bolts where the person assembling the engine installed them incorrectly. The ARP camshaft sprocket bolts are reusable. Both the Ford and ARP come in a kit of 4.

Installation specifications for the factory Ford bolts

Tighten to 40 Nm then tighten an additional 90 degree.

ARP bolts are provided with Torque installation instructions.

000001231 / 000016912

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