Brembo 4 piston red front Calipers

Brembo 4 piston brake upgrade for the front of an FG FGX XR6 Turbo, G6E or XR8. If you own one of these cars you will be fully aware the factory brakes are not up to the performance required.

Our calipers comes with

  • 2 x FG Front Brembo calipers with mounting brackets and brake lines.

This Brembo 4 piston calipers can be installed easily and will make a huge difference on how your car will stop.

So if you are wondering should I step up to Brembo`s ?

This upgrade is a huge difference in braking over the standard brakes supply`d by Ford and will not disappoint.

FPV fitted the Brembo calipers to all models and was seen as a must for a performance upgrades.

Also you will need to make sure you have the right wheels fitted.

So if you have any questions on Fitting a Brembo brake kit then just ask Here

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