4340 Oil Pump Gears 5.4 lt Boss

Billet oil pump gears for the BA to FG 5.4 lt. The Boss 5.4 lt engine has long had a problem with their oil pump gears.

Engines that are pushed hard are prone to oil pump gear failures.

Our billet 4340 gears supplied are a straight swap over for the gears in your std pump housing. Any Boss 5.4 lt engine that is going to be driven in anger will need this gear upgrade and is a must.

We have been providing our pump gears for 10 years now with zero failures. We have done extensive testing and development to produce the best oil pump gear sets on the market.

So we test what we sell, That’s the big difference here , We test in the real world. All of our project cars have always run on gear sets and no matter how hard we try’ d not one single gears set has ever failed.

All Intune Motorsport made billet oil pump gears from the 1/01/19 now come with a life time warranty. details provided with Pump gears when purchased.

Complete new pumps with gears fitted are available by following the link below

Complete pump with gears fitted

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The below Video covers how the gear sets brake and how the gear set look after a failure.

This video is based on the 5.0 lt engine but ultimately the pump and gears are very similar and will give you a good idea on the subject. The next clip after the 5.0 lt video shows our supercharged Mustang going through its paces as Sydney Dragway.

Although the pump in the 5.4 is a little different that the 5.0 lt engine you will see the extremes we go to in testing.