Billet Oil Pump Gears fitted into Factory Ford oil pump 5.0 lt Coyote

Billet 4340 gears, The 5.0 lt FG supercharged Falcon and 5.0 lt Mustang have a problem with their oil pump gears since the beginning of each engine.  Engines that are pushed hard are prone to pump gear failure.

The original factory pump gears are made from what is called powdered metal ,  This is were the problem starts.

The powdered metal is cast into the gears shape, this process has no structural grain to hold the gears together . This give us a brittle gear that will fail under higher RPM use.

This pump has the 4340 Billet pump gears fitted into a std new factory Ford oil pump housing.

Any Coyote that is going to be driven in anger then this gear upgrade is a must.

We have been providing our pump gears for over 10 years now with zero failures.

Our Billet 4340 oil pump gears now come with a life time Warranty , That`s right we will guarantee our gears against failure for life . Further details can be found in our terms and conditions.

  • Made from US sourced 4340 steel
  • New Ford oil pump housing with gears 4340 gears installed
  • Precision machining to exacting tolerances
  • Capable of extended RPM use
  • Extensively tested in our own vehicles
  • Each set is hand inspected prior to packaging
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Australian Company


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