Exhaust Housing Ported with 39 mm flapper

This new exhaust housing is ported with a 39 mm flapper, the port for the flapper is machined into the desired D shape that stops the flapper from jamming open. The housing is a 1.06R so it will fit up to any of the Garret GT3582, GT3576, GTX3576R , GTX3582R.

Its important to use a ported exhaust housing once a few mods are on the engine.

As a quick guide if you add a dump pipe and metallic cat, the boost curve will start to become uncontrollable with further issues coming from things like a race air box and intercooler install.

Using a ported rear housing will also require the use of a Actuator like the Turbosmart product, we have them available in 7,12,14 and 16 psi versions. the most common path is to install a 12 psi version.

So why is it important to upgrade the flapper and port the housing?

Well lack of boost control, can very easily lead to engine failure. The engine will also product a lower power level using a std actuator and flapper. Basically the std flapper will be flapping in the breeze, basically not controlling the boost being produced and leaving a poor boost curve, occasionally causing a over boost situation that can lead to total engine failure.



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