5.4 lt Boss oil pump fitted with 4340 billet gears

This is a high output oil pump housing to suit the BA, BF and FG 5.4 lt Boss engines fitted with a set of ITMS billet pump gears. This pump will fit 260 , 290 , 302 and 315 5.4lt engines from BA to FG inclusive.

The gears are made from 4340 billet stock and are made to our exacting tolerances.

Every oil pump is striped and checked  looking for any flaws that may be evident.

The relief valves are inspected and the pump is reassembled with the new ITMS 4340 pump gears installed .

Our newly assembled pump comes ready to install straight out of the box.

At Intune Motorsport we have been making billet oil pump gears for over 10 years with zero failures. We continually test every batch of pump gears in our workshop not to mention the race miles in testing.

Currently when we are testing our gears we are looking at an rpm threshold of 8000 rpm for extended periods and being able to with stand the severe harmonics the modern supercharged engine may have.

All Intune Motorsport made billet pump gears sets from the 1/01/19 now come with a life time warranty. details on the warrantee are available under our terms and conditions.

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This oil pump will not fit the 5.4 lt 3V 220 and 230 kw engines

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