Turbosmart Actuator

The Turbosmart internal Wastegate Actuator  provides better turbo response and greater sensitivity when managing boost pressures. Designed as a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory part, the XR6 actuator is easy to install and requires no special tools or fabrication. It can’t get any easier!


  • Silicone diaphragm with Nomex reinforcement to withstand high temperatures
  • High grade, billet aluminium construction
  • Stainless steel rods and connecting clevis for corrosion resistance
  • Locking Collar design cap allows for quick spring changes.

This new design of actuator is a fantastic item and is a great enhancement to any XR6 Turbo or F6. The Actuator is available in various pressures 7 , 12 , 14 & 16 Psi.

So what is the right Psi for you

As a guide a 7 Psi would be used in a std BA BF XR6 T

the 12 psi would be used in most applications were the desired boost range is 12 to 18 psi.

The 14 psi unit would be for boost 14 to 20 psi

last the 16 psi would be used in application 16 psi to 22 psi.

Typically higher boost levels can be run than the maximum numbers above, Although the minimum number is the lowest boost level you can run @ full throttle. There are lots of variables to actuators from turbo type size and condition . porting and flapper size and quality along with intercooler/ Piping and exhaust issues.

If you need a hand selecting an actuator just give use a call and we will be happy to help in your selection.

If you have any questions just ask Here

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