5.4 lt ARP Main Studs

ARP in the USA manufacture this Main stud kit to suit the 5.4 lt engine. The kit comes with a full set of main studs, nuts and washers along with cross bolts that tie the cap to the engine block. The Kit will fit all models from BA to FG 5.4 lt  XR8 and GT Boss engines.

World-leading Fastener Technology

ARP started applying technology to race fastener design and manufacturing in 1968.


Today’s critical fasteners – head studs and bolts, main studs and bolts, and driveline – have been designed stronger than ever before to handle the extreme loads. As a results, installation pre-loads – the amount the fastener is stretched during installation – are very high. The design of automotive bolts is a complex process, involving a multitude of factors. These include the determination of operating loads and the establishment of geometric configuration. 00053268

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