5.4 L Engine Technical Specs

5.4 L Engine Specs. This engine is known in Australia as the Boss engine and more commonly known as a modular engine around the world , Its important to note that this Australian Boss engine was never available in the USA with the configuration as we have it in this country . The engine was assembled from parts out of various model Ford`s from the USA, Along with a list of items that were bespoke to Australian market. Ultimately caution needs to be used when purchasing parts for this engine. I have seen many people purchase and use parts that were acquired from the USA not knowing they were installing incorrect parts that caused a total engine failure.

Engine Specifications

Engine capacity; 5.408 L  or 330 CI

Power output Flywheel.

  • BA BF XR8 260 KW with 500 NM torque
  • BA BF FPV GT and GTP 290 KW 520 NM torque
  • BF Cobra 302 KW 540 nm torque
  • FG XR8 290 KW 520 nm torque
  • FG GT and GTP 315 KW 551 nm torque

Cylinders; Eight in a ninety degree V configuration.

Engine Block; Cast iron with 4 bolt mains . 2 x vertical bolts with 2 vertical dowels along with 2 x horizontal bolts through the engine block rail into the main cap tying it altogether.

Bore and Stroke; 90.215 mm / 105.8 mm

Firing order; 1 3 7 2 6 5 4 8

Normally Aspirated.

Sequential multiport fuel injection (SFI)

Lubrication; Wet sump with Gear Rotor, powdered metal oil pump gears

Lubricant capacity; Engine oil capacity 6.3 L including oil filter


Cylinder Heads; Cast aluminum, DOHC.

Cylinder head combustion Volume; 52 CC + or – 1.5 cc

Camshafts ; Four , two intake and two exhaust ( roller ). Individually chain driven camshafts with 4 hydraulic timing chain tensioners

located on the cylinder block and cylinder heads.

Valves ; Thirty two , 4 per cylinder.

Valves springs ; Single beehive.

Variable camshaft timing ; Not available.

Rockers; Pressed steel with roller followers to camshaft.

lifters; Ball tip hydraulic lash adjusters.


Crankshaft; Forged steel

Connecting rods; Split fracture cap cast steel (Non Serviceable)

Pistons: Aluminum.

Compression ratio: BA BF XR8 260 engine 9.5:1 , BA BF FG 290 engine 10.5:1 , BF/FG 302 & 315 engines 10.8:1.

Piston pin; Steel 22 mm XR8 260 engine and 23 mm in 290, 302, 315 engines fitted to GT, GTP and Cobra

5.4 L Engine Specs

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