Brembo discs and pads to suit BA to FGX Falcons

This front disc and pad kit is a replacement for the factory Ford Brembo disc and pads.

This disc and pad was fitted to all cars with 4 piston brembo front calipers from 2003 BA to 2016 FGX.

The disc dimensions are 355 x 32 mm and are cross drilled and slotted.

It is important to reinstall the factory disc when servicing the brakes. This insures the same driving quality as the day the car drove out of the show room.

Brembo is the undisputed global leader in the production of brake discs, calipers and complete braking systems. With its unrivalled expertise, Brembo produces everything from brake discs for the most popular cars in the European, American and Japanese markets to braking systems for the world’s most prestigious and exclusive models. Brembo have been the industry leaders in braking performance since 1961.

The superlative levels of technology and reliability of Brembo products is founded on an integrated production process which encompasses every stage in the production process, from research and development and testing to casting and machining.

On top of this is an ongoing commitment to research and development that sets Brembo apart as a leading name in its industry and allows the group to excel as both a manufacturer of reliable, durable components for the world’s most popular and widely sold cars, and as a supplier of state-of-the-art braking systems designed and produced specifically for the most exclusive and desirable models in every class.

The Brembo brake kit was fitted to most FPV vehicles on the front.

Some variants having brembos on the rear as well.

Additionally to this once FPV closed operation Ford installed the brembo caliper kit to the FGX XR8.


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