In all model Falcon and Mustangs, oil pumps can be an issue depending on how hard the car is pushed.

We have been making our Billet 4340 oil pump gears for over 10 years and have become a market leader.

Our oil pump gears are first cut from American made 4340 stock

Once the gears are cut they are then precision ground to exacting tolerances.

To take the testing a little further I have in my personal XR6 T a set of our gears and use the car as a test bed. Our Mustang is also fitted with a set of gears, and has to date run a best of 9.9 @ 139 mph.

We have pump gears available for most engines

  • XR6 Turbo
  • F6
  • 5.4 lt 260 290 302 and 315
  • Along with 5.0 lt Mustang and Falcon.

You will find on the pump gears page a video of how the gears brake. Installing a set of our oil pump gears is cheap insurance.

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