Mustang GT

Ford Mustang GT, Intune Motorsport, SydneyLate 2015 the iconic Ford Mustang GT began being imported in to Australia. The New Mustang being a factory right hand drive car. The Mustang is available in two engine formats with the 5.0 lt Coyote and the 2.3 lt Eco boost. It is available in auto and man. The base 5.0 lt engine that comes in the Mustang GT is closely related to the Australian 5.0 lt coyote fitted to the FG and FGX Falcons. Although the Mustang GT is not fitted std with a supercharger as the Australian engine was.

The Auto transmission fitted to the 5.0 lt and 2.3 lt cars is known as a 6R80. Its like the big brother to the ZF transmission fitted to the Australian manufactured cars.

Manual transmission cars are delivered fitted with a Getrag MT82 Transmission.

As you will see Intune Motorsport have a huge range of parts available to suit to suit your FG XR6 Turbo or F6. All at prices that are much reduced.

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