An intercoolers purpose is to lower the air intake temperature entering the engine. It’s a simple equation, lower air temps equal more power! Intune Motorsport carry a huge selection of intercoolers to suit BA BF FG & FGX Falcons.

Often people ask me what would I use and the answer is always the same, Process West intercoolers for a turbo Falcon. If we are talking a 5.0 lt Falcon, then I personally use the Herrod intercooler.

The Process West is a work of art. Installing a stage 1, 2 or 3 intercooler will dramatically lower air temps resulting in more power. The product fitment is superb with a excellent finish. You really can not go past the Process West intercooler.

The Herrod intercooler for the 5.0 lt supercharged Falcon is a water to air system. It uses a intercooler core mounted on top of the supercharger under the black cover. A small radiator is mounted up front with water passing through via a small pump.

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