In this category we cover fuel systems. fuel pumps, injectors with various accessories. Intune Motorsport carry a full range of Injector Dynamics injectors, from the ID1050X up to the monster ID 2000.

Injector Dynamics is the indisputable world leader in performance fuel injectors. They can be used with all known fuels and are the choice of champions.

I personally use Injector Dynamics ID 1700’s in my Mustang and would not consider any thing else.

We also keep in stock various fuel pumps, surge tanks along with replacement cartridges already fitted with a walbro 460 pumps, also Turbosmart regulators along with various adaptors to suit all models.

Fore Innovations is market leader in fuel systems. They manufacture fuel rails, fuel filters, duel and triple fuel pump cartridge’s along with pump controllers. I have a Fore Innovations duel walbro 460 pump in my Mustang.

Process West manufacture single and duel walbro pump surge tanks for the Australian Falcon.

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