5.4 L Boss DOHC 32V Engine

5.4 L Engine Specs and torque settings . This engine was available in Australia from 2003 BA XR8 / GT / GTP along with BF XR8 / GT / GTP to the 2010 FG XR8 / GS / GT / GTP. The engine was a Hybrid consisting of many off the shelf parts from the USA along with a long list of custom parts manufactured in Australia & USA not available to the USA market.

The engine was assembled by FPV ( Ford Performance Vehicles ) located in Melbourne and fitted to cars and utes produced by Ford Australia and FPV. The 5.4 L engine was produced in many power variant’s, 260 , 290 , 302 and 315 flywheel kilowatt

The basic engine layout was , Steel engine block , alloy cylinder heads , Double over cam with 4 valves per cylinder.

Below the two pages 5.4 L engine technical specs and Torque Settings with engine tolerances

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