5.4 Lt 4V Boss

The 5.4 lt 4V Boss engine was introduced to the Australian market in 2003  with the BA and continued through the BF and FG Falcons range with production finishing in 06/2010.  The engine was available in sedan and ute with power output ranging from 260,290,302 and 315 flywheel kilowatt’s. The engines were fitted to Ford Falcons sedans and utes. XR8`s as well as the FPV GS,GT, GTP and Super pursuit.

The cars fitted with this engine came in auto and manual versions, early cars were 4 speed BTR Autos and 5 speed manual with the later cars fitted with 6 speed manual and 6 speed ZF auto trans.

The 5.4 Lt engine we had in Australia was a Hybrid engine containing many parts sourced from the USA along with a lot of the parts being made right here in Australia.

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