5.0 lt engine Coyote and Miami

The 5.0 lt engine, The Miami was manufactured and assembled in Australia with many parts from the Coyote variant, It was available from october 2010 in the FG Falcon in various forms, GT , GTP and the GS. The engine was manufactured up until october 2014 with the last cars being designated the FGX Falcon XR8. The 5.0 lt Miami V8 has a capacity of 4951 CC or 302 cu in. The engine is a 4 valve per cylinder, quad cam with variable cam timing. The engine block and cylinder heads were all aluminium. This engine was fitted with a Map sensor un like the Coyote USA veriant.

The 5.0 lt Miami was supercharged from the factory being fitted with a Harrop Supercharger and making 335 kws, Although at the end of the Falcon`s production run the XR8 Sprint was produced with 345 Kw. The cars were available with the 6 speed manual TR6060 and the ZF 6 speed Auto.

The 5.0 lt Coyote came to Australia in the Mustang in 2015. The S550 uses the same capacity of 4951 cc or 302 cu in along with alloy engine block and cylinder heads, with 4 valves per cylinder and variable cam timing. The engine was naturally aspirated and used a mass airflow meter. The later 2018 + cars were fitted with direct injector and using 16 injectors unlike the earlier engine using just 8. This engine is a tuners delight with high HP being delivered with the installation of a Supercharger.

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