4.0 Lt Engine Barra

The 4.0 lt barra engine began its life in 2002 with the introduction of the BA Falcon in sedan and ute variants, The engine continued through several model changes and updates right up until the FGX in 2016.

The Barra engine was designed and manufactured in Geelong Victoria, while this engine was in development, Ford conde named the project Barramundi, hence the Barra nick name.

This engine was available in several power outputs configurations as well as being available in N/A and turbo options. The N/A engine had several power increases over time including 185, 190 & 195 kw with 4, 5 & 6 speed auto and 5 & 6 speed manual  transmission’s as options.

The turbo engine evolved over time, The BA Falcon from 2002 with its power output starting at 245 kw and ending up raising to 325 kw by the time the FGX sprint arrived on the market in 2016.

The engine is an inline 6 with engine capacity of 4.0 lT fitted with an aluminium cylinder head with duel over head cams. Engine block was cast iron. The engine received a big upgrade with the introduction of the FG version being released.

The early 2002 to 2007 turbocharged engines were fitted with a Garrett GT3582  turbocharger although once the FG and FGX car cam along in 2008 the XR6 T and G6E cars were fitted with a smaller GT3576 turbocharger making the car more spritely at lower speeds.

The FPV F6 Typhoon, Tornado and sprint vehicles all came fitted with the bigger GT3582 turbocharger.

The engine has cult status with a huge following around the world.

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