Diff Ratios and LSD

At Intune Motorsport we carry a wide range of Diff ratios and LSD parts.

Ranging from diff ratios, Diff hats and limited slip differential (LSD) or hemisphere.

Diff Ratios

Its a common practice to change the diff ratios to increase the acceleration of the vehicle.


Swapping out the original LSD and installing a eaton truetrac is a huge gain, one of the most common complaints we here of is what customers call axil tramp.

After extensive testing, installing an Eaton Truetrac will resolve this issue. the `Axil tramp` is actually the diversion of power from the left to right axil. The happens many times a second causing the drive line to load then unload continuously.

Replacing the factory hemisphere with the new eaton truetrac will not only stop this issue but the car will drive much better under full load.

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