Brembo Brakes

Intune Motorsport has a huge range of Brembo brake calipers. We have discs and pads to suit all models.  The Brembo 4 and 6 spot brakes were fitted to various performance model Falcons and highway patrol cars. If you have ever driven a Falcon with Brembo brakes fitted you will appreciate the better stopping power along with improved peddle feel.

Rear 4 spot Brembo calipers were only fitted to GTP’s GTF R Spec and the Sprint. Brembo 6 spot front and 4 spot rears were available as an option. You could upgrade at time of purchase from the dealer but only to GT, GTP and F6 customers. From memory this option was something like $6,000  so not many people ever purchased a set!

If you own a XR6 turbo, XR8, G6E or GS and are considering a Brembo upgrade, it will make a huge difference to your stopping power, not to mention the great appearance.

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