BA BF XR6 / XR6 Turbo / F6

BA XRG Ford Falcon, Intune Motorsport, SydneyFord began production of the BA XR6 Turbo, an iconic car in 2002. This Turbo car the enjoyed cult status among automotive enthusiasts. The car was originally available with a 4 speed BTR transmission and a 5 speed manual known as the T5. A six speed man trans was introduced in the MK 2 versions. Both original 4 and 5 speed transmissions struggled once power was lifted by the performance enthusiast.

The BF was introduced in October 2005 and was manufactured till February 2008. The new car came with a face lift and the brand new ZF auto transmission called a 6HP26.

This transmission was a huge step forward for the Falcon range and was just what was needed.

As you will see Intune Motorsport have a huge range of parts available to suit to suit your BA BF XR6 Turbo or F6 at prices that are much reduced.

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